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New Home Design Trends Showcased at BALA Awards

The annual Best in American Living Awards (BALA) were held in Las Vegas recently as a part of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders Show.  Over 115 remodeling and new home projects received recognition at the event, and giving you few ideas to consider when building or remodeling your home with the Triangle’s most trusted name in custom home building, Upton & Co., the official NAHB website has released an article detailing the 12 most evident New Home Design Trends that were honored at the BALA show.

With the professional builders builder team at Upton & Co.  specializing in customizing and working with each client to make their dream home become a reality, any of the New Home Design Trends receiving Best in American Living awards at the NAHB event are something that could be incorporated into the building of your new home.

The 12 New Home Design Trends specifically detailed on were as follows:

Intimate Outdoor Spaces– This would include a smaller gathering type space as opposed to a more traditional “extended-family size” backyard space. Cozy seating, fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces were common items seen with this New Home Design Trend.

Mid-Century Modern Detailing- This trend has seen an upward swing in many areas, including detailing, elevation design, and even furniture.

Indoor-Outdoor Conversion- Eliminating the once common “distinct border” between these two living spaces has been popular with new home owners, as many have opted for floor-to-ceiling-retractable glass walls and screens to seamlessly blend the two areas.

Troughs and Spouts- Many opting for these type details have chosen to have an outdoor table or structure with an open channel to have some type of “waterfall” that can run either into a pool or some other water feature in their yard,.

Board and Batten Used Inside and Out- This New Home Design Trend has seen a spike in popularity as it can be a great alternative to paint or wallpaper while adding a three-dimensional layer to an interior finish

Copper Bathtubs- An impressive touch to any bathroom whether going for a rustic, modern, or traditional look.

White with Exotic or Repurposed Wood Accents- Described as a “striking combination in flooring, ceilings, and cabinets,” many are leaning toward this trend, pairing a modern white against a more rich, wooden accent in these areas.

Modern Industrial Accents- Very popular in multifamily projects, this New Home Design Trend sees “vibrant pops of color offset the cooler color palette of metals and whites.”

Barn Doors- Used as an alternative to traditional left or right hung doors, barn-style doors have been popping up more and more everywhere from closets, to kitchens, to mudrooms.

Intricate Stairways- From detailed iron newel posts to curving glass railways or glass treads, stairways a more sophisticated stairway has been a common thread among New Home Design Trends.

Low-Impact Design- Sustainable and “green” features in new home designs including rain gardens and permeable pavers were included in many of the award winning entrants.

Waterfall Islands- Whether granite, wood, or marble, these islands have remained popular in the emphasis of clean and modern lines.

For further details on each of these award winning New Home Design Trends and more information on the BALA and the NAHB visit