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Voted Top 10 Best General Contractors in Raleigh, NC

Upton & Co Inc was voted #10 for The Best General Contractors in Raleigh by General Contractors Magazine. This publication aims to create local editorial content on general contractors throughout the United States.   In this list, these award-winning contractors are recognized by various publications and organizations for high-quality craftsmanship and beautifully designed, luxurious custom homes found in Raleigh’s fine neighborhoods and surrounding communities.

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New-Home-Design Trends

New Home Design Trends Showcased at BALA Awards

The annual Best in American Living Awards (BALA) were held in Las Vegas recently as a part of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders Show.  Over 115 remodeling and new home projects received recognition at the event, and giving you few ideas to consider when building or remodeling your home with the Triangle’s most trusted name in custom home building, Upton & Co., the official NAHB website has released an article detailing the 12 most evident New Home Design Trends that were honored at the BALA show.

With the professional builders builder team at Upton & Co.  specializing in customizing and working with each client to make their dream home become a reality, any of the New Home Design Trends receiving Best in American Living awards at the NAHB event are something that could be incorporated into the building of your new home.

The 12 New Home Design Trends specifically detailed on were as follows:

Intimate Outdoor Spaces– This would include a smaller gathering type space as opposed to a more traditional “extended-family size” backyard space. Cozy seating, fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces were common items seen with this New Home Design Trend.

Mid-Century Modern Detailing- This trend has seen an upward swing in many areas, including detailing, elevation design, and even furniture.

Indoor-Outdoor Conversion- Eliminating the once common “distinct border” between these two living spaces has been popular with new home owners, as many have opted for floor-to-ceiling-retractable glass walls and screens to seamlessly blend the two areas.

Troughs and Spouts- Many opting for these type details have chosen to have an outdoor table or structure with an open channel to have some type of “waterfall” that can run either into a pool or some other water feature in their yard,.

Board and Batten Used Inside and Out- This New Home Design Trend has seen a spike in popularity as it can be a great alternative to paint or wallpaper while adding a three-dimensional layer to an interior finish

Copper Bathtubs- An impressive touch to any bathroom whether going for a rustic, modern, or traditional look.

White with Exotic or Repurposed Wood Accents- Described as a “striking combination in flooring, ceilings, and cabinets,” many are leaning toward this trend, pairing a modern white against a more rich, wooden accent in these areas.

Modern Industrial Accents- Very popular in multifamily projects, this New Home Design Trend sees “vibrant pops of color offset the cooler color palette of metals and whites.”

Barn Doors- Used as an alternative to traditional left or right hung doors, barn-style doors have been popping up more and more everywhere from closets, to kitchens, to mudrooms.

Intricate Stairways- From detailed iron newel posts to curving glass railways or glass treads, stairways a more sophisticated stairway has been a common thread among New Home Design Trends.

Low-Impact Design- Sustainable and “green” features in new home designs including rain gardens and permeable pavers were included in many of the award winning entrants.

Waterfall Islands- Whether granite, wood, or marble, these islands have remained popular in the emphasis of clean and modern lines.

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America's Fastest Growing Cities

Forbes Names Raleigh 4th among Fastest Growing U.S. Cities

Taking a look at the 100 most populated cities across the nation, the experts at named Raleigh at number four nationwide on their list of the Fastest Growing U.S. Cities.

In coming up with the final listings for the annual Forbes’ ratings of the Fastest Growing U.S. Cities, six metrics were focused on. The specific Statistics for each of the top 20 cities on the list of  the Fastest Growing U.S. Cities were detailed in the Forbes article, in which Raleigh was actually the first town on the list outside of Texas, as numbers 1-3 were Houston, Austin, and Dallas, with Seattle, Washington coming in at number five, one slot behind.

Utilizing data gathered from the last two years from Moody’s Analytics, the first area looked at was the estimated population growth of each of the 100 municipalities, which when compared against the others in the top five, Raleigh saw a 1.86 percent increase in its population in 2014 ranking third among the top five in this category. Likewise, its overall numbers in population growth for 2015 was also third, with an expected 2.02 percent increase to be seen this year. The city’s overall Economic Growth Rate of 3.43 percent was also the third best among the top five listed on the Fastest Growing U.S. Cities for 2015.

Annual job growth based upon the previous years statistics and the economic growth rate of each city were also factored into the study. Here, Raleigh placed fourth with an impressive 3.54 percent growth in its job rate. Forbes’ also looked at information compiled by to look at the average salary for college educated workers in each of the 100 cities and federal unemployment data was also considered in the extensive ranking process of the Fastest Growing U.S. Cities, with the median average annual salary of college graduates being $64,700.

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Best Large Cities to Live In

Across America’s Best Large Cities to Live In, Raleigh Ranks Number 2

Basing its rankings on four key dimensions, livability, health, education, and local economy and taxes, the financial experts at WalletHub recently unveiled their 2015 rankings for the Best Large Cities to Live In across the entire nation, placing Raleigh at number two on the prestigious annual list.

The study of the Best Large Cities to Live In focused on every United States city with a population of 300,000 people or more in each of the four categories. To decipher where a city placed in “livability” category, several factors were weighed in upon including diversity, recreation, sports and entertainment, restaurants, and also the convenience in each city for working parents among other items. Raleigh placed 8th among all 62 major U.S cities in this area.

For “health,” Raleigh was again ranked in the top twenty among all of the Best Cities to Live In, nationwide. This area took into account percentages of residents participating in physical activity on a regular basis, number of fitness centers, people who opt to walk or bike to work, obesity, cholesterol levels, and overall life expectancy among other items.

“Education” was Raleigh’s highest area of scoring in the Best Large Cities to Live In poll, as the city was number one among all cities that were studied in this category. To arrive at the “education” score, WalletHub used the detailed “School System Quality” study and scores from as well as looking at the education level of residents to decide whch of the municipalities was “most educated.”

The final focus area in the 2015 WalletHub rankings was “local economy and taxes.” Looking at each city’s job market, average annual growth rates, tax rates against percentage of individual’s income, utility costs, and other areas of finance, Raleigh was a solid 13th overall in “local economy and taxes.”

Raleigh custom homebuilder, Upton & Co. has been one of the most trusted names across the Triangle area for over 30 years, making the dream homes of residents become a reality and earning a reputation based upon honesty and uncompromised, award winning home design and construction. To view all of the custom Raleigh homes and floor plans available from Upton & Co., visit their website at

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Cary Tops List of “Best Raleigh Suburbs to Live In”

With the Triangle area seeing consistent growth year after year due to a thriving job market, unmatched cost of living, and overall quality of life, Raleigh and its surrounding suburbs have become one of the most popular and sensible spots nationwide for relocation. A recent study conducted by the respected real estate brokerage and blog, Movoto, looked at all of the towns across this area, ranking the Town of Cary first on their 2015 list of the “Best Raleigh Suburbs to Live In.”

Several factors leading to Cary being named number one on the Movoto list of “Best Raleigh Suburbs to Live In” were thoroughly explained in the article at their website by Staff Writer, Natalie Grigson. One major area that was cited for Cary’s number one listing in the “Best Raleigh Suburbs to Live In” was the town’s median household income of $90,000 that was nearly double the N.C. state average of $45,150.

Overall median home value was another area looked at in the process, with Cary’s currently being an impressive $303,700. Unemployment rates of each of the 12 suburban Raleigh towns studied also played into the final rankings, with Cary boasting a rate of 5.3 percent, which stands a full two points lower than the given median average for the entire United States. A low crime rate for the size of the town and an average daily commute time of just 22 minutes, which sits well below the average of nearly all town’s polled also weighed heavily in the final tally that saw Cary placed on top of the list of the “Best Raleigh Suburbs to Live In”

Summarizing the placement of Cary at number one among the “Best Raleigh Suburbs to Live In, ” Grigson explained, “This affluent Raleigh suburb is the type of place you might find on the cover of a magazine or on the front of a postcard. The streets are not just safe, but beautiful—lined with trees, expansive yards, large single-family homes of all styles.”

“If you’re looking to move to the suburbs to raise your family, you won’t find a better place than Cary,” continued Grigson in her praise of the town. “Nearly a quarter of its population are made up of school-age children, and down the line, it’s just about 20 minutes from universities like Duke, North Carolina State, and UNC.”

Cary NC Custom Home Builder, Upton & Co., builds their distinctive custom homes across the Triangle area, currently working to deliver on the dreams of new home owners with their superior craftsmanship and keen attention to even the smallest details in some of Cary’s most spectacular neighborhoods including Sedgefield, Greyhawk Landing, and the soon to be opened Preston Development community, Preston Retreat, among others. To see some of the incredible Upton & Co. homes and floor plans available in Cary visit

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Best Places to Live in the U.S.

Apex Named Number One on Time’s Best Places to Live in the U.S.

Citing it’s top-notch school system, a charming and inviting downtown area, affordability, and unmatched community spirit, the town of Apex was recently named by as number one on its annual list of the 50 Best Places to Live in the U.S. for 2015.

One major underlying factor in almost all aspects playing into Apex being named at the top of the list of Best Places to Live in the U.S. according to the study is the “high- paying tech-industry jobs that help make the quality of life here second to none.” The article goes on to further explain that Apex’s close proximity to the Research Triangle Park (RTP), which is just 18 miles away, host more than 200 major companies including IBM, GlaxoSmithKline, and Cisco, who employ in excess of 50,000 workers. With the rich tech job market in Apex and the surrounding area thriving, it still is considerable more affordable than other “technology hubs” across the country, as for example in California’s Silicon Valley on average a three bedroom home cost upwards of $1 million, where as in Apex the same size home goes for an average of about $265,000.

The quality of Apex’s schools is certainly a major draw for young families and likewise played into Time’s ranking of the town as tops among the Best Places to Live in the U.S. The article at explains the close proximity to RTP also gives a “boost to the local schools, already among the state’s best.” The tech hub factors into the school system with the implementation of the Academy of Information Technology, a four year program offered at Apex High School which allows the young students to become familiar and get hands on experience in the IT field through coursework and internships. Likewise, Apex Friendship High School, which just opened this past year boast cutting-edge technology, afforded to students at few other schools with 70-inch monitors and 3-D printers in every classroom.

Obviously, Apex being “top dog” among the Best Places to Live in the U.S. is no real secret, as evident by the fact that the town’s population has doubled since the year 2000. Staying on top of that growth, however, the town has adapted and even improved along with the population spike, adding among other things a new toll road that cut commute time to RTP in half. Speaking to this point and the “community spirit” the town has been able to maintain despite seeing consistent growth, Time Staff Writer, Daniel Bortz concluded, “The community has also managed to retain its close-knit vibe, even as the population has grown, with events like a weekly farmers’ market and an annual jazz festival.”

The award winning custom homebuilders, Upton & Co. have “built a reputation-one customer at a time,” in Apex and across the Triangle area based upon trust and unparalleled quality. To see Upton & Co.’s available floor plans and homes in Apex and the surrounding area, visit their website at

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